Episode 9: Seas Between

  • Sun 20 Mar
  • Times
    10:30am - 5pm
    All Ages

    Episode 9: Seas Between

    Having premiered Pomes Penyeach: James Joyce set to song in that very room at last year’s Saint Patrick’s Festival, composers / performers Matthew Nolan and Adrian Crowley return to the resplendent environs of the Old Physics Theatre to present a glimpse at the unfolding of their latest collaboration : Seas Between.

    Continuing on with their creative dialogue, the duo have embraced the invitation to explore and respond in a similar essence to a very contemporary and utterly timeless work from the literary canon.

    Seas Between sees the duo set off on a quest of tentative discovery through the careful exploration of their chosen episode. Approaching the work with their continued balance of wonder and respect, the duo are excited to extend an invitation to the curious: the doors will open for members of the public to step inside throughout the day with a view to what will no doubt be a multi-sensory and provoking experience.

    To mark a century of Ulysses, three of Ireland’s most innovative arts organisations and practitioners – ANU, Landmark Productions and MoLI – have joined together to present Ulysses 2.2, a year-long, nationwide odyssey of creative responses to the 18 episodes that chronicle an ordinary day in the life of Leopold Bloom.

    Over the course of a year, Ulysses 2.2 will build into an extraordinary collection of modern-day Irish artworks – inspired by Joyce’s seminal text, and shining a light on the Ireland of 2022.