ONE-derful World

ONE-derful World

Artastic and Venezuelan Roots​


For 2023 St Patrick's festival parade Artastic will create a colourful pageant to celebrate the theme ONE. In looking at the world and all the aspects of the diverse culture and what we also share. ​

Artastic asks the question..what do all cultures share in this world?  It's the sky, the sun, the moon and the infinite galaxy of stars overhead. ​

In the vastness of the universe, our little solar system has its own little party carefully watched over by its doting ancestors the Sun and the Moon. Our small planet dances around its magnetic attraction to the sun while playing hide and seek with the Moon.​

If we can look at this Onederful world from this viewpoint, we really are all ONE human race sharing this glorious fragile planet. 


Section 1:​

The pageant opens with a representation of culture with Venetian Carnival characters to symbolise that all cultures have had their own unique way to celebrate, and yet the motives of celebration usually centre around the same principles of life.  The large mask represents the many faces and ideologies behind each cultural expression ​

Section 2:​

Planet Earth is symbolised by a large globe made out of jigsaw pieces. The individual jigsaw pieces are coloured in all the colours of the rainbow. The symbolism coveys the message the this world is made up of many different parts that all come together to make this puzzle of life a sum that is greater than all its parts. That we all can work together to make a complete picture. ​


A large Sun will glance over and give light to the Moon and planets that share the warmth and affection from the suns smiling glance. Many stars also decorate the skylines and represent the wisdom of our ancestors that have guided us along the way. 

  • About Artastic

    Artastic is a street spectacle company based in Kildare, under the artistic direction of Vijaya Bateson and Caitriona McGowan. Artastic was founded in 2003 by Vijaya Bateson. ​

    Artastic’s collaborative art projects are nationally recognised as models of community theatre in Ireland, where artists and community groups work together to transform our urban landscapes with colourful creative performances​


  • About Venezuelan Roots

    Venezuelan Roots is the Cultural Representation of Venezuelan Community in Ireland, their aim is share the wonderful traditions, culture & rhythms of their beautiful country Venezuela, being part of this parade is a honor for their community as it is one of the best way to integrate into the Irish society.​

    The group will perform the El Callao Carnival, a unique celebration of old cultural traditions that arrived in Venezuela by the English and French speaking Caribbean islands with their African roots around 1850. The main characters of this celebration are the Madams, the miners and the Fantasy Fairies, together dancing with a special rhythm created for this carnival.  UNESCO recognised El Callao Carnival as being Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity because of the incredible and important ancient traditions that are being kept alive in Venezuela at the El Callao Carnival.​