France-Ireland Breaking Project

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France-Ireland Breaking Project

Supported by the French Embassy 

Ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, the French Embassy in Ireland is proud to take part in this year’s St. Patrick’s Festival to highlight breaking (breakdance) as a new Olympic discipline, in association with the Irish and French National Breaking teams. Bringing great energy to the streets of Dublin, B-girls and B-boys from France and Ireland will join the parade and perform to hip-hop music together with young Irish breakers!  ​

On Saturday 18th March, join in the fun and experience the free Breaking workshops for kids and young people at Festival Quarter, National Museum of Ireland Collins Barracks, followed by a Battle exhibition by the professional breakers showcasing their skills and acrobatic moves!   ​

While strengthening the links between France and Ireland, this initiative aims to raise awareness of the values and benefits of sport and to encourage young people to be active and unleash their creativity.