St Patricks Festival Community Arts

  • Sun 20 Mar
  • Times
    4:00 pm
    All Ages
    • Free, unticketed

    St Patricks Festival Community Arts

    St Patricks Festival Community Arts is comprised of many different cultural and community groups who are all resident in Dublin with many originating from various parts of the world.

    The project was set up by St. Patrick's Festival in 2007 to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of the many different nationalities resident in the capital and encourage cross community collaborations and engagement, with an emphasis on inclusion and respect for difference. Since then the community has grown and through their own leadership they are delighted to showcase their specially choreographed dances and traditional songs and dances in their ornate and multi coloured costumes in both Festival Village and at the parade.

    Highlights of their festival quarter performance between 16.00-18.00 on the main stage in Collins Barracks this year include: The swirling and sumptuous Venezuelan Roots dance group, Suktinis the lively Lithuanian Folk Dance Troupe led by the wonderful Elona Semetiene, various spectacular performers from the Confederation of Indian Community in Ireland, the award winning and gold medalled hip hop students from Ashling Woods Larkin’s Collide Dance Academy from Ringsend, the junior section of Dublin Youth Dance Company with a newly commissioned piece by ridiculously talented dance artist and choreographer Justine Doswell, the tantalising Samba Dance Brazil. Also featured is some witty and entertaining salsa from Lithuanian duo Laima and Vito who are absolutely great gas and wonderful performers and the incredibly light footed Moldovan Dance Troupe who are ready to impress with the technical grandiosity of their intricate steps.


    Venezuelan Roots is the Cultural Representation of the Venezuelan Community in Ireland. Their aim is share the wonderful traditions, culture & rhythms of the beautiful country Venezuela. Being part of this parade is an honor for the Venezuelan community as it is one of the best ways to showcase their culture whilst also integrating into the Irish society.  


    Established in 2008, Samba Dance Brazil have performed all over Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy, England and Brazil. These ‘passistas’ perform the artful dance of Samba to bring energy and spectacle to parties, festivals and weddings. This is their 9th year performing at the parade. 


    The Lithuanian community in Ireland was founded in 2005 and has been super active in events and festivals since that time. They have three Lithuanian schools, a Lithuanian theatrical company and a number of other organizations in order to reflect Lithuanian culture in Ireland.  

    In 2018, the Lithuanian folk-dance group "Suktinis" was formed to gather like -minded Lithuanians and others to learn and celebrate the traditional dances of Lithuania. The group is expertly led and choreographed by Elona Semetiene. 


    The Moldovan Association in Ireland is an important part of the community that unites the two countries, providing information to Moldovan citizens, promoting Moldovan culture and traditions, and hosting themed events. This is their fourth year participating in the parade for St Patrick’s Festival. 


    The Confederation of Indian Communities in Ireland (CICI) is an umbrella organisation embracing various Indian Organisations and Societies. Many Indian groups and individuals find a means of integrating in Ireland through these services and the cultural promotion they represent. This is the fifth year that CICI is taking part in St. Patrick’s Festival.  


    Cecilian Theatre Arts is a well-established and award winning school from Castleknock which is directed by mother and daughter duo Jennifer & Rosalind O’Dowd. Today they are portraying the female Warrior, full of strength, resilience, determination, and courage. Dedicating their performance to all women who continue to make the world go round. 


    The group from Polish Saturday School in Dublin consists of 8 young participants this year: Aleksandra, Wictoria, Julia, Dominika, Nikola, Zosia, Marceli and Tymon. Every Saturday they meet in school to practice the Polish language and learn about Polish culture. During the week they learn in English and Irish, so they are real multilingual heroes, and now they are part of the greatest Irish celebration of the year. They feel proud representing their school and the Polish diaspora during the St. Patrick's Festival Parade.  


    Alma Boliviana Ballet promote the cultural diversity from all over Bolivia which is represented through the wonderful mixture of lively dances. The group has been together for six years and although most performers are from Bolivia, they welcome everybody from all different nationalities.