Breathe Festival

  • Fri 18 Mar
  • Sat 19 Mar
  • Times
    From 10:00am
    All Ages

    Breathe Festival

    BREATHE FESTIVAL with Happenings & St. Patrick’s Festival
    The Law Society, entry from Benburb Street
    Friday, 18th March, from 10am - 5pm
    Saturday 19th March from 10am - 1pm

    is about wellness for the self, our communities and our planet. A one and half day city retreat, the zen garden of this year's festival. The line up for our discussions currently includes The Happy Pear, The Useless Project and Davie Philips. Group yoga classes led by the likes of Michael Ryan, Lou Horgan, Jen Healy, and Mari Kennedy as well as sound baths, strength and conditioning experts and even a mobile sauna, food and great vibes all round.

    In 2022, with Breathe,  Happenings goal is to combine our major offerings into one single journey with a coherent focus on community led climate action.

    Launching at St. Patrick’s Festival 2022, the Breathe Roadshow is an event focused on wellness and resilience for individuals, communities and our planet. Breathe will go on a nationwide, renewably powered journey travelling to rural cities and communities with the aim of empowering diverse Irish communities with agency and the resources necessary to tackle climate change. 

    The opportunity to create a collaborative network of Irish communities and organisations working together to develop creative approaches to tackle these issues. At each event, there will be a range of activities to inspire community led climate and biodiversity action through workshops and conversations. For the central piece we work with Connect the Dots , who will facilitate group explorations on how each community will work together to tackle the challenges they face. This will become a report and roadmap, which is used to action each community's road forward. 

    These mini festival events will be creative and fun, and designed to bring in the unusual suspects, but having very little impact on the environment.


    But back to the launch at St Patrick's Festival. All ages are welcome to relax, listen and breathe at The Law Society.


    Tickets and more information available from

    • The Happy Pear

      The Happy Pear started out back in 2004 with Steve, Dave, a tiny shop and a dream of helping people to eat more veg! Fast forward 15 years, The Happy Pear now consists of 4 cafes, 40 products, 6 online courses, 4 cookbooks, a farm, a roastery, hundreds of amazing employees and a community of over 1 million people living healthier! All that said, the mission remains the same, which is to help create a happier healthier world primarily through eating more veg but with also with a keen focus on lifestyle and philosophy towards health and happiness in life in general.  

      Rising early each morning and heading to Greystones beach to catch the sunrise,  the twins appreciate every day and really believe that the key to happiness is good health and a great support network. The goal is to create a community built around health and happiness, in an environment people find enjoyable and where they feel supported in their efforts to make change. 

    The Barrel Sauna 

    Come get your sweat on, bring the swimmers and a towel, ice baths and hot sauna. So so good for your body, especially if you over did the Paddy's Day celebrations. The Barrel Sauna is a family run business and  the culmination of over 20 years of sweating, 10 years dreaming and a year of hard work. Established in 2021, it is born out of a passion for saunas. We aim to reintroduce sauna use to the community as a regular practice and provide a safe space for people to learn more about sweating and how it can be of benefit in their own life . The sauna is a place for people to relax, release, recover and reconnect. We are currently based in Dublin City but also visiting other parts of the country on request.  


    • Michael Ryan

      Michael Ryan's teachings draw from a wide experience of yoga, meditation, philosophy and a love of poetry and prose. His skill lies in his heartfelt articulation of the spiritual dimension of life through the practice of meditation and yoga while staying grounded in safe and harmonious postural alignment. 

      His teachings speak to the soul and journey into the many different layers of the Self. Michael is the yoga and meditation teacher to the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins 

    • Mari Kennedy

      Teacher, inquirer, wisdom-seeker, change-maker, Mari Kennedy has been exploring and experimenting with what it means to live fully alive and authentically for over 10 years. 

      Mindfulness, heartfulness and playfulness are at the core of her teachings and practice. She creates alchemical spaces guiding people back to the wisdom of their hearts and the truth of who they are by transforming all that “appears” to be in the way of living life to its full and highest potential. She weaves various practices through her work including self inquiry, meditation, sound, yoga and movement.  

    • Lou Horgan

      In the twelve years Lou, a Dublin native, has been teaching,  her classes have evolved with her experiences in life.  The journey yoga has taken her on, physically mentally and spiritually is always growing evolving and ultimately like life and the universe that we inhabit, expanding. 

      Living and Yoga Practice are interwoven for Lou and therefore it should come as no surprise that her passion for a deeper understanding of women’s health and their rights of passage are central to a lot of the work she does. She believes that Yoga calls for balance between the feminine and masculine energy within regardless of gender. Through her journey, she realized that women’s needs are quite often not met through traditional yoga teachings. She teaches yoga as a way of holding and growing into all cycles of womanhood and manhood (though there are often more women in the room). 

    Sound Bath

    Using a range of ancient instruments I will carefully guide through the sound journey with mindful, heartfelt intention, during which you may rest, dive deeper into meditation, soothe the parasympathetic nervous system, cleanse and recalibrate. 

    This is a carefully created virtual experience, in which we use a binaural microphone to guarantee the highest quality sound transmission. Binaural technology captures a broad range of frequencies from the instruments played during the sound bath, enabling us to deliver optimum sound from our studio space, direct to you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.  

    A quiet, calm space where you are unlikely to be disturbed is advisable for you to create your cocoon in. This is a passive, inactive practice, for which we recommend laying down if that is available to you. You may like to wear comfortable clothing, warm socks and have some cozy blankets and pillows, and anything else that will help you settle into the practice. Please keep some water by your side to stay hydrated.  Over-ear, wired headphones are strongly advised for use to optimise your experience. 

    Kid's Yoga with Anna Walsh

    Anna’s children’s yoga classes create a fun and safe place for your child to enjoy themselves and learn practical tools to help them in today’s busy and sometimes confusing world. Anna uses games, dance, stories and movement to allow your child to express themselves while also learning how to become body and mind aware. Through breath work the children learn how to cope with stressful situations; through talking circles they learn how to communicate, and through movement they learn how to become body aware and confident. While all the time having lots of fun.