St. Patrick’s Festival presents

ABAIR: Treasured Places with Eddie Lenihan and Macdara Yeates

Storyteller Eddie Lenihan and traditional singer Macdara Yeates present an evening of songs and stories on the theme of ‘treasured places’

Eddie Lenihan

Is an Irish author, storyteller, lecturer and broadcaster. He is one of the few practising seanchaithe (traditional Irish lore-keepers and tale-spinners) remaining in Ireland. He has been called one of the greatest of Irish story-tellers and a national treasure.

Macdara Yeates

Is a traditional folk singer with a repertoire spanning traditional ‘big’ songs, songs of old Dublin dock workers, and ballads from the Traveller tradition. Macdara is one of a crop of singers associated with the recent resurgence of young singing talent in Dublin along with acts such as Lankum, Landless and Ye Vagabonds and as of 2018/2019 is the Artist in Residence with the North East Inner City Fund, working on a variety of community-engaged song projects in and around his native East Wall.


Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland

Abair is a program of traditional singing and storytelling events exploring the oral folk traditions of Ireland. Taken from the Irish word meaning both ‘to say’ and ‘to sing’, the four-day program offers a broad range of intimate, unplugged performances, each highlighting the richness and beauty of the Irish singing and storytelling traditions still preserved and practiced to the present day.

The events will also feature a 'songs from the floor' session, giving audience members a chance to provide a song or story of their own, relevant to the theme of ‘treasures’.